Bird Food

Bird Seed and Food for Sale

Our bird seed and food for sale is surprisingly versatile, ranging from the very popular varieties, to more wild bird seed blends. Whether you house a bird in a bird cage, raise a flock of chickens, or fill a feeder to enjoy your local wildlife, you’ll need seeds that suit your needs and the preferences of your feathered friends. Sunflower seeds are the most universally enjoyed bird food. Available in black oil, striped, and shelled varieties, these bird seeds are loved by nearly every species.

These seeds can also attract other visitors like squirrels and rodents, so if you prefer not to have furry visitors trying another seed would be best. Wild bird seeds like white millet are ideal for attracting ground feeding sparrows, doves and similar species, making these seeds ideal for outdoor bird feeders. If you’re raising a parrot or other trainable species, our bird treats for sale will help you teach them to do tricks with ease. Many of these specially designed treats encourage your bird to “sing for their supper” and can help reinforce good behavior.