Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats

Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats




Cockatiel Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats

Don’t let your cockatiel settle for merely eating up your popcorn crumbs. Instead, give him his very own popcorn mix that delivers foraging fun and a serving of healthy nutrition, too! Popcorn Nutri-Berrie Treats are made with fresh popcorn and peanuts, and packed with delicious caramel flavor. We mix all the whole ingredients with popcorn to make a delicious berry-shaped treat that is specifically designed to satisfy your bird’s natural desire to forage for his food.

We also use chelated minerals for better absorption and stabilized vitamins for better longevity. We naturally preserve and flavor our foods. Our recipes are tested by an independent lab to ensure that our strict quality standards are met.

Nutritious bird treat that’s fun to eat
Great foraging food
Non-GMO formula
Made in the USA


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